Special thanks to Rebekah Zehr of Saladvantage

Rebekah is a chef/caterer, working in the Maple Ridge Center kitchen and has been creating gourmet salads for local customers for 3 years. She began her business with a desire to assist people with their health and wellness goals by providing prepared food that contains minimally processed ingredients, using local produce whenever possible. 

Her passion for creating beautiful, nourishing foods has lead her to teach cooking classes which provide opportunities for anyone to learn how to 
cook healthy, delicious food at home. Rebekah lives in Lowville, NY with her husband and two dogs. They have three outstanding young adult children, who all happen to enjoy cooking and eating well.

Presenters include: Nichole Workman, Sandy Buckingham, Mary Lou DeMinck, 
Taylor Dicob, Megan Dolhof, and Dee Castelli

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